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Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King

Bloomberg TV | New to the Street Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King

New to The Street announces its newest television program, "New to The Street Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR," with monthly airings on Bloomberg TV as a sponsored program.

Matt Doherty, known for his triumphant sports career as a national championship player with the University of North Carolina (UNC) and as NCAA Division 1 Coach of the Year with Notre Dame, will co-host the new show with New to The Street's TV Host Jane King.

The show focuses on leadership successes within many organizations, companies, charities, and other profit/non-profit entities. Guests will join Matt and Jane to discuss their accomplishments and how a leadership platform is essential to meet goals and inspire others.

Matt Doherty, TV Co-host and owner of Doherty Coaching, states, “It’s an honor to work with Jane King. She’s a true professional and I know together we will make a great team. My experience as a basketball coach and as an executive coach have made me passionate about the leadership space. The success of every organization rises and falls on the shoulders of leaders. I’m curious to interview some of the top leaders and find out what makes them tick. I am also excited to share that knowledge with others to help them learn and grow.”

Sector SPDR ETFs (Electronic Trade Funds) will sponsor the new show to air on Bloomberg TV on the last Saturday of each month at 6:30 PM ET. The first show is airing on July 29, 2023. Dan Dolan, Senior Vice-President of Sector SPDR, states, "Sector SPDR is sponsoring 'New to The Street Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR.' The show's focus allows successful leaders from public, private, non-profit, and other entities to share their leadership skills. Sector SPDR is a unique ETF that allows investors to make investment choices on the Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 index stocks. Sector SPDR investment offerings are the results of visionary leadership, and being a sponsor of the show is an important opportunity for us to further Sector SPDR reaches."

Vince Caruso, Founder, CEO, and Producer of New to The Street Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR, states, "This is a wonderful opportunity to expand upon the successes of our flagship show 'New to Street' that airs on three major cable networks. Our newest show, 'New to Street Leadership,' with Sector SPDR as the sponsor, has a platform to inspire others, hearing successful stories for leaders on how their leadership efforts transformed business operations and lives. I'm excited to air the first show at the end of July and each month after that. We are booking fascinating people on the show who will share their passion for success."

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