Better Leadership | Better Decisions | Better Results

Achieve breakthrough results by working on the "Organizational Triangle."
Talent. Systems. Culture.

Better Leadership
Better Decisions
Better Results

Achieve breakthrough results by working on the "Organizational Triangle™."
Talent. Systems. Culture.

By improving your company's systems and culture, your talent will perform better.

Grow as a leader so will you make better decisions leading to better results that will positively impact your business and the people you serve.

Live a more prosperous and fulfilled life AND outperform the competition with higher levels of sustainable growth.

  • Build a strong and positive culture
  • Put your Core Values into action
  • Enhance individual and team performance with positive and effective leaders 
  • Eliminate destructive conflict and REBOUND from negativity
  • Improve systems for higher levels of sustainable growth
  • Communicate and connect with clarity and shared vision
  • Build a committed team that works together 
  • Achieve excellence and outperform the competition

"I have known Matt for more than 20 years and the most impressive thing about him is his thirst to improve. He always wants to get better every day. Hearing his thoughts about leadership in ways that reflected both successes and failures is what makes Matt real and authentic and that is why he is so impactful."
– Malcolm K. Farmer, President & General Manager, Texas Legends

"Coach Doherty has done it all as an athlete, coach, and team builder and because of those experiences, the highs and lows, he brings a candor mixed with empathy and insight that only a life lived passionately, competitively and honestly can bring. The time my team has spent with Matt was invaluable because his lessons are timeless and so needed for today’s organizations that aspire to be great."
– Gerry Byrne, The Frisbie Family Head Coach of Harvard Lacrosse

Why Coach Doherty?

Matt Doherty is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, best-selling author, media personality, and executive coach. His season with New to the Street on Bloomburg TV aired in 2023-2024. He currently appears weekly on The FirstTV and WBT Charlotte.

In addition to his keynotes and trainings, he guides corporations, C-suite managers, sales executives, and sports coaches to develop their leadership skills, culture and team dynamics.

As a starter of the 1982 National Championship team with Michael Jordan at UNC, he began his leadership journey under the legendary Dean Smith. He went on to be the Head Coach at Notre Dame and North Carolina, and in 2001 led the team to the ACC Regular Season Championship and was named the AP National Coach of the Year. Coach Doherty also was the Head Coach at FAU and SMU, in addition to working with ESPN, the Indiana Pacers, and the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Coach Doherty's mission is to “Learn & Grow" every day. His leadership journey took him to the UVA Darden School of Business and The Wharton School.

Coach is committed to sharing universal teachings and lessons from the basketball court to the boardroom, all with actionable ideas that will work for you.

He will provide the game plan, the rest is up to you.

Matt Doherty Book Signing

"Working with Matt pushed me to be vulnerable on who I am and finding what my strengths are as a leader - then hiring others around me to support my vision for the family business. My Vistage group has been supportive along the way by providing recommendations, whether it be on professional services or how they've worked through similar challenges in their company. Learn and Grow."
– Ben L., CEO

VIP Executive Coaching

Unlock your full potential, enhance your performance, and achieve your highest goals. Executive Coaching provides you the self-awareness and emotional intelligence you need to influence others and be the leader your team deserves.

Coach Matt’s approach is high-engagement, high-touch, action-based mentoring which focuses on mindset, critical thinking, and tangible work. With the VIP one-to-one approach, he will meet you where you are, and then together you will develop a game plan to execute based on your goals, core values, and mission.

Matt Doherty Coaching

"I am honored to be a part of Vistage and I thank you for the support, the honesty, and the belief in me. Vistage and Matt have brought me a bold, intellectual, honest, and transparet support team, which is why my success continues."
– Lauren T., CEO & President

Enhance your business with Coach Matt and one of his Peer Groups.

A proven and effective way to accelerate your business growth and success.

Vistage CEO peer groups are specific to your business. Coach will match you with one of his peer mentoring groups specific to your industry, challenges and goals.

Vistage Members Outpace the Competition
In 2020, Vistage CEO members grew their annual revenue on average by 4.6%, while nonmembers with comparable businesses saw revenue decrease by 4.7% according to a study of Dun & Bradstreet data.

Matt Doherty and Vistage

Why Vistage?
65 Years of CEO Leadership Success

The world's most trusted CEO coaching and peer advisory organization. Vistage connects successful CEO’s to share expertise, challenge one another to think critically, and arrive at better decisions.

Gain a more diverse perspective.

Accelerate growth with a local peer advisory group - to support and challenge you, and to hold you accountable with no hidden agendas. We are dedicated to each other’s success. With Vistage you will have others vested in you, and you in them, in a tight-knit loyal circle built on mutual respect. 

We are committed to supporting high-integrity leaders in Charlotte to be not only the best version of themselves but to have the leadership skills to increase the capacity of those around them so they can also be the best versions of themselves for their company, families and communities.

Gain access to over 45K business leaders from around the world. 

65 years. 45k members. 35 countries. 4.6% growth.​

No more loneliness at the top - lean on a diverse and trustworthy community.

Be a part of events that motivate and inspire, support and prompt action.

How it Works

Learn & Grow in the areas of personal and professional development with challenging workshops and discussions on mindset, communication, and collaboration.​

Roundtable discussions with world-class subject matter experts focusing on business-related topics that promote proactive leadership in all areas of Coach’s Organizational Triangle - talent, systems, and culture.

Receive peer-driven feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Establish mutually beneficial collaborations.

Increase your results with Coach Doherty as your Accountability partner.

Connect | Optimize | Network | Accelerate

Founders, Owners,
Presidents, CEO's

  • One Full Day Meeting Each Month
  • One 1:1 meeting each month
  • Enrollment - $2,485
  • Monthly Dues - $1,730

Key Senior Leaders with Direct Reports

  • One Full Day Meeting Each Month
  • One 1:1 meeting each month (additional fee)
  • Enrollment - $885
  • Monthly Dues - $925

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