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"Turn your pain into your passion."
~ Matt Doherty

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: How To Rebound

What can you do in those deepest and darkest moments of adversity?‚Äč

Coach Doherty shares his experiences in overcoming adversity throughout his life. He has discovered most successful people have experienced failure along the way. So much so that it seems that adversity is one of the main ingredients for success.

Every American loves a great comeback story, to see the hero undergoing a trial by fire and come back from it against all odds – the inspiring come from behind victory. In this talk, Coach Doherty explores the three paths available when faced with adversity and introduces a five-step framework for building a resilient team, everything from pre-planning to training for special situations.

Key takeaways include: Adversity doesn’t happen TO you… it happens FOR you; Like sports, your life is a series of seasons; Failure isn’t fatal. The only fatal thing is giving up.

Leadership Strategies

Leadership Strategies: Leadership is a Learned Behavior

Coach Doherty was sitting in an emotional intelligence class at Wharton when he first read that - “leadership is a learned behavior.”  He shares, “This was the most exciting thing I ever read in my life.” Imagine the possibilities in this statement after a lifetime of hearing, “Leaders are born, not made,” a prevalent belief in American society.

Can leadership skills be learned? Coach Doherty answers with a resounding “Yes” and this series on leadership strategies. In it, he teaches the fundamentals of leadership and time-tested lessons for today’s up-and-coming leaders. During this talk, Coach Doherty shares leadership’s six principles (or knows). You must analyze the STEVIT or self, team, environment, vision, industry, and mine for the truth to fully understand the playing field before stepping into a leadership role. He outlines the importance of creating solid statements around core values, vision, mission, and crisis management and providing clear guidance for the team to follow.

Key takeaways include: Create a winner’s mindset; Don’t treat everyone the same, treat everyone with fairness; You must know yourself before you can expect people to follow you; Paint a picture of success for your team, then hang it on the wall.

Leadership Strategies
Building Leadership

Building Your Team: Creating a Championship Culture

Coach Doherty understands that culture does not happen by accident or chance … it must be intentionally driven.

In this talk, he brings leaders to understand why team culture does not happen on its own. He outlines how leaders drive team culture through servant leadership, strategic recruiting, training, and inspiring core values in their followers.

He begins by examining core values and their importance to an organization, works through the culture starter kit, and ends by talking about the termites that can eat away at a corporation’s culture. 

Key takeaways include: Culture cannot be delegated; Recruit and train to the behavior that drive success in your organization; “Little things are big things. If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.”

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming the Fear of Selling in a Competitive Environment

The Power of the Pause – and Other Best-Known Sales Secrets.

Empty your mind of everything you feel you know about selling, and Coach Doherty will share the secrets of the sale with you.

He does a full 360 on trusted sales concepts in this talk. He reviews well-known gems like warm introductions and referrals from friends are the easiest to close, describes the importance of knowing your competition inside and out, and introduces lesser known but equally important sales techniques like controlling the touches and “Ego vs. Empathy.” This is an important talk from a true master of connections. Listen, Learn & Grow.

Key takeaways include: Be passionate about your product or service and believe in it; Know your competition; Qualify the candidate before investing your time; Be willing to say "no" – not every prospect is a good fit.

Overcoming Fear

Lessons From The Park: The Winner's Mindset

There are winners and there are whiners in this world - and how we choose to be determines our capacity for success.

Coach Doherty will share the secrets he learned and how he developed his winner’s mindset starting with playing in the parks of New York.

Mindset is the key factor in life. It can make or break a season...make or break a career. It positively or negatively affects your dreams, your path and your results.

Learn winning strategies for success and create a framework for meeting life’s challenges face-to-face.

Key takeaways include:

  • If You Think You Can, or If You Think You Can’t – You are Exactly Right!
  • Control what you can control;
  • Double knot your shoelaces;

Keep things fresh by adding some new wrinkles during the "dog days."
– Matt Doherty

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